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B.Sc(Maths,Physics,Chemistry) T.M, E.M


B.Sc(Maths,Physics,Computer Science)

B.Sc(Maths,Electronics,Computer Science)

B.A(History, Economics, Political Science)

B.Com (General),(Computer Applications)

Department of English

The department of English comprises of highly academicians with specialization. To create genuine interest in English, it makes Seminars, group discussions, games and quizzes part of its instruction. It also conducts debate, elocution and recitation competitions. In view of the recent trends, it has organized a National Level Seminar on Communicative Approach to the Teaching of English Language and thus tried to explore the suitable methods to teach this new aspect. Accordingly it is training its students to meet the growing demand for Communication skills in English.For this it instructs the students by employing audio and visual aids in the English lab. Many of our alumnae who have done BA / B.Com / B.Sc with general English are working as teachers and thus imparting their knowledge in return. Some of them have pursued higher studies and settled in different fields. A few having done PG in English are working as lecturers. Those who are doing degree with Spoken English have good prospects of getting any job like receptionists, personal Assistants, HRs, Journalists etc. Besides the Department of English plays a key role in all aspects of College.


S. Dass

Head of the Department


V.Ravindra Babu



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